Criminal records in English

Criminal records in English

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Together with the certificate of pending charges, it is one of the most requested documents abroad for job applications, consular procedures, enrollments in schools and universities.

Criminal records and pending charges: differences

The criminal record certificate shows the criminal proceedings possibly against a person.

It is valid nationwide and can be issued by any Public Prosecutor’s Office in Italy.

It is valid for 6 months and is issued with revenue stamps, 19.92 euros.

The pending charges, on the other hand, show the pending criminal proceedings against a person in the city of residence.

It is valid for 6 months and must be requested in the competent Power of Attorney.

Criminal records in English

Very often, in foreign countries, for reasons of work, study, citizenship, the translation into English of the criminal records certificate is required.

If you don’t know who to contact for your translation, we’ll help you.

The translation of penal certificates is one of the most requested services. Every day we translate criminal records into English for countries such as Australia, Canada, England, China, etc.

We also take care of requesting the document for you. All you have to do is fill in your request from HERE. We take care of the rest.

Apostille or legalization

When filling in, remember to indicate the destination country of the document. Indeed, depending on the country you will have to put a stamp:

1. Apostille: for countries that have joined the 1961 Hague Convention including: Spain, France, Germany, Russia;
2. Legalization: For countries that are not party to the Hague Convention including: Canada.
The translation, like the original document, has a duration of 6 months.

If you have any other questions or would like more information about this service, please contact us.

Find us via chat or by phone at 3888629121. We are happy to help you and find the best solution for you.

Thanks for reading! Continue to follow us and discover all our services

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